Five Star Modules


Please call 888-378-2629

Airbag Light on?

Five Star Airbags stocks and reprograms Airbag control Modules. Please call so we can help . 888-378-2629

Module Missing or Damaged?

Find that part number on your Module and give us a call! Five Star Airbags can fix your Module needs.

Need your Airbag Control Module Reprogrammed?

  • Five Star Airbags can reprogram your Airbag Control Module! 
  • Reprogramming modules will either cost $50 or $100. (Depending on Vehicle)
  • Before you send us your Modules PLEASE CALL (To assure we are able to reprogram your Modules).
  • Then fill out the "Airbag Module Order Form" below and follow the directions located on the bottom of the form.


Did you call us? If so, click "Download" to get the
"Module Reprogram Order Form" for Five Star Airbags.

Please make sure this form is in the box with your Modules.
(Instructions are in form)

Shipping Address:
2201 North Redmond Rd.
Jacksonville, Arkansas 72076